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Men's Soccer History

Year Overall Record ODAC Record Head Coach
2007 2-9-1 NA Bryan Waggoner
2008 7-12 4-6 Bryan Waggoner
2009 6-9-4 4-3-3 Bryan Waggoner
2010 10-8-1 6-3-1 Bryan Waggoner
2011 18-6 6-4 Bryan Waggoner
2012 9-7-3 7-3-2 Bryan Waggoner
2013 17-2-1 10-1 Bryan Waggoner
2014 7-7-4 4-4-3 Bryan Waggoner
2015 13-5-3 7-1-3 Bryan Waggoner
2016 8-6-5 2-3-4 Bryan Waggoner
2017 10-9 4-5 Bryan Waggoner
2018 5-8-3 4-5-1 Adam Godwin
Total 112-88-25 58-38-17  

All-Old Dominion Athletic Conference

2008: Eddy Ratianarivo (1st), Jonathan Bolton (2nd), Justin Stephens (HM)
Eddy Ratianarivo (2nd), Aaron Humphreys (HM)
2010: Corey Sindle (2nd), Zach MacDougall (2nd), Harry Young (2nd), Aaron Humphreys (2nd), Nick Cornell (HM)
2011: Corey Sindle (1st)*, Will Wolf (2nd), Timmy Songer (3rd), Nick Cornell (3rd), Jacob Hood (3rd), Coulton Watson (3rd)
2012: Corey Sindle (1st), Jacob Hood (2nd), Will Wolf (2nd), Coulton Watson (3rd)
2013: Corey Sindle (1st)*, Jacob Lusczek (1st), John Adams (1st), Will Wolf (1st), Joe Skaja (2nd), Blake Heatherly (2nd), Coulton Watson (3rd), Carter Smith (3rd)
2014: Coulton Watson (2nd), Blake Heatherly (2nd), Troy Jurney (2nd)
2015: Blake Heatherly (1st), Troy Jurney (1st), Cristian Irigoyen (1st), Travis Brown (2nd)
2016: Blake Heatherly (2nd), Cristian Irigoyen (2nd), Adam Watson (2nd), Travis Brown (3rd)
2017: Adam Watson (1st), Cristian Irigoyen (3rd), Nate Juth (3rd)
2018: Adam Watson (1st), Frankie DiOrio (3rd)

*-Denotes Player of the Year

Coach of the Year Awards

2011: Bryan Waggoner - ODAC, VaSID
2013: Bryan Waggoner - VaSID 

All-State Honorees

2011: Corey Sindle (1st), Will Wolf (2nd), Nick Cornell (2nd)
2012: Corey Sindle (1st)
2013: Corey Sindle* (1st),  John Adams (1st), Will Wolf (1st), Jacob Lusczek (2nd)
2014: Blake Heatherly (2nd)
2015: Blake Heatherly (1st), Troy Jurney (1st), Cristian Irigoyen (1st)
2017: Adam Watson (1st)

*-Denotes Player of the Year

All-South Atlantic Region Honorees

2011: Corey Sindle (1st)
2012: Corey Sindle (3rd)
2013: Corey Sindle (1st), Will Wolf (2nd), John Adams (2nd), Jacob Lusczek (2nd)
2015: Blake Heatherly (2nd), Troy Jurney (3rd
2017: Adam Watson (3rd)
2018: Adam Watson (2nd)

NSCAA All-America

2011: Corey Sindle (3rd)
2013: Corey Sindle (1st)

CoSIDA Academic All-District

2016: Brian Anderson